Pink Cross by Judith Reisman

Pink Cross by Judith Reisman

I also am a xxx actress and DON’T have herpes .You would prob catch it easier from a girl u pick up in a bar than any xxx stars or providers .Shelby Luben also is so againest porn/escorting  for some reason .Porn is not the reason she had troubles or became a crack head ,If you research her she had many drug probs way be4 porn and she puts it down alot . It is an unlikely participant at the annual Adult Video News (AVN) expo. She also suffered from severe anemia, drug addiction and alcoholism. I doubt it, but among the 20something population in America, 1 in 4 have it. He is disgusting and needs to be arrested. Among the teen population and the rest of American society, 1 surrounded by 5 have it. You have to do what they want on the sets.

. Once someone contracts herpes gladiatorum in a gym or a dojo, all efforts must be made to clean the mat itself too. I am not a performer who dwells on my scenes. And I’ll tell you what — I know a thing or two about sex. did she try to hide her eating disorder in your “relationship” at the beginning? Yes that can happen. feel like stars.

She was 26 when she left porn. In my daily work of assisting women and men recovering from the pornography industry as well as those struggling with pornography addiction and gathering research over a period of several years, I have learned significant facts to prove that indeed the California pornography industry is causing severe secondary negative effects on adult industry workers as well as the general public, which is involuntarily exposed to pornography, especially children, whose average age of first Internet exposure to pornography is eleven years old. Gail Dines’ research on how pornography is becoming more violent, and then asked her if that reflected her experience. . I don’t care if a girl is a whore or not, privately or publicly. . .

. Because there is a smaller pool of male talent, guys who are in-demand can easily shoot 10-15 boy/girl scenes a month, while it’s almost unheard of for female talent to shoot more than 4 boy/girls in a month. . . . They get into drugs to numb themselves. Pornographers offer performers drugs and alcohol and often conspire with some doctors, Mrs.

. . . They get HPV and herpes, and they turn themselves off emotionally and die. Shelley says such women totally lose their identity and live on drugs and alcohol. They cannot plan, save their money, or eat properly. The survivors commonly have only sexual diseases and “fake boobs” to show for their lives in porn.

Pink Cross by Judith Reisman
She used to be one of them. and what about her eating habits? Television became the basis of their family life. A creative child, Shelley put on her own plays at her elementary school, with the approval of her amazed first-grade teacher. Shelley claimed three pregnancies from prostitution but only had one child. To avoid the rapes and arrests for prostitution, she turned to pornography because “it seemed safer and more legal.” However, even prostitution did not involve the brutal kinds of rape and degradation that she endured while “starring” in pornography. Soon she was required to do very hardcore scenes.

[O]nly more drugs and alcohol could get me through them. . . . I sold what was left of my heart, mind and femininity to the porn industry and the woman and person in me died completely on the porn set.” After becoming infected with herpes, I quietly left the porn industry but went back to prostitution to survive. What they don’t realize is the amount of time and effort that goes in perfecting a scene. That was a relief!

I learned that God loved me unconditionally, regardless of my past, and even had a plan for my future. God had a plan for my life? It was like someone turned the light on for me. Champion woman healed and excited to live life! God restored me from drugs, alcohol addiction, painful memories, mental illness, sexual addiction, sexual trauma, and the guilt and shame from my past. . .

. He also restored my femininity and healed my sexuality, which is a major miracle for me. Now happily married to Garrett, her husband, and the mother of three daughters, Shelley takes a message of transformation against-all-odds to prisons, TV, radio, film, conferences and rescue missions. She has been a guest on talk shows such as Dr. Phil, Michael Reagan and most recently, FOXNews. Anyone who gives their all in a scene is not necessarily doing it for the paycheck. Shelley maintains that women who turn to the industry to make money “probably didn’t grow up in healthy childhoods.

Porn is like any other addiction. It is also a $9,000 course. . . First, you are curious. Then you need harder and harder drugs to get off. You need gang bangs and bestiality and child porn.

Porn gets grosser and grosser. . . . And meanwhile the addicts make their wives feel like they can’t live up to the illusion of the porn star. . .

. He wants what isn’t real. Porn destroys intimacy. Shelley tells the women she rescues that God has a plan for their lives and that they “were made for greater things.” Her website offers the real stories of these women, and includes a tragic Dead Porn Stars Memorial.

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