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Positive Health Online | Article

Dosage: Various literature refers to varying dosage (as you will see by the following): from .5 to 6 grams daily of dried herb made as an infusion (or crushed to a fine powder and placed in gelatin capsules), or 3 – 12ml daily of 1:2 fluid extract. Microbes (germs or microorganisms), cancer cells, and transplanted tissues or organs are all interpreted by a healthy immune system as non-self against which the body must be defended. However, it is popularly called Russian or Siberian ginseng. Approximately 62 million Americans will get a cold this year, and put a $40 billion strain on the U.S. Brekhman, who believed that eleutherococcus has the same properties as ginseng, and popularized it as a less-expensive alternative herb. According to Brekhman, eleutherococcus and ginseng are both adaptogens . This term refers to a hypothetical treatment defined as follows: An adaptogen should help the body adapt to stresses of various kinds, whether heat, cold, exertion, trauma, sleep deprivation, toxic exposure, radiation, infection, or psychological stress.

Furthermore, an adaptogen should cause no side effects, be effective in treating a wide variety of illnesses, and help return an organism toward balance no matter what may have gone wrong. Perhaps the only indisputable example of an adaptogen is a healthful lifestyle. By eating right, exercising regularly, and generally living a life of balance and moderation, you will increase your physical fitness and ability to resist illnesses of all types. Madecassoside showed an increase in TIMP-1 mRNA (which normally sequesters MMP-1[126] which would preserve collagen, this also being seen with asiaticoside[35]) but the ratio of TIMP-1:MMP-1 was unaltered suggesting no change in collagen breakdown.[121] Elsewhere, asiaticoside has been shown to reduce MMP-1 activity in vitro[90] with a potency comparable to oleanolic acid. However, there is little to no meaningful evidence supporting this theory. Several double-blind studies enrolling a total of about 500 people have evaluated a proprietary combination therapy containing extracts of Eleutherococcus and the herb andrographis for the treatment of upper respiratory infections, and found benefit.7-9 In general, these studies reported that use of the combination therapy may decrease both severity and duration of upper respiratory infections. It has been shown to normalise Liver Function blood tests, and improve histopathological changes in the liver.

Andrographolide contains an α-alkylidene γ-butyrolactone moiety and three hydroxyls at C-3, C-19 and C-14 responsible for the cytotoxic activities of andrographolide against many cancer cell lines [19]. According to studies performed primarily in the former Soviet Union, Eleutherococcus appears to present a low order of toxicity in both the short- and long-term. There’s also a whole debate on how to maximise use of garlic products but i’ll leave that up to you. Chemotherapy drug users are also strongly recommended to seek health consultations prior to using these products. With its ability to enhance immunity, Andrographis makes a good remedy for people with lowered immunity, as in post-viral fatigue and chronic infections; it is helpful for allergies and may be useful in combating HIV. Do not let an apparently minor cough deter you from treating the virus as influenza. In our most difficult lyme cases, lumbrokinase seems to work the best.

It is also served with a metal drinking straw or tube, called a bombilla, which has a filter attached to the lower end to strain out leaf fragments. The flavonoids in Andrographis have anti-inflammatory properties which can be useful in the treatment of autoimmune disease including rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. It also has hypoglycaemic properties which may be helpful in type 2 diabetes. Andrographis is an excellent herb for the digestive system. It enhances digestion, stimulates the flow of bile from liver and protects the liver from damage from toxins, drugs and alcohol. Bitter and cooling, it reduces heat (in Ayurveda high Ranjaka Pitta) in the liver and helps overcome inflammation and infection[5] including hepatitis. By reducing excess heat and inflammation in the digestive system (high Pachaka Pitta), Andrographis can be used for treating acidity, indigestion, wind, gastritis, peptic ulcers, colitis including ulcerative colitis, heartburn, and diarrhoea.

Positive Health Online | Article
It is best to combine it with aromatic spices like coriander, fennel, cardamom or black cumin to prevent aggravation of Vata from the bitter taste. 2004;18:47-53. It is antibacterial against a wide range on infecting organisms including Staph aur., Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proteus vulgaris, Shigella dysenteriae, and E. coli[1] It helps to combat dysbiosis and re-establish the normal gut flora. Andrographis is generally well tolerated and there have been no reports of adverse effects. There has been some discussion about its possible antifertility effect if used long term and it is best avoided during pregnancy, with immunosuppressive drugs and by people with high Vata. There are no adverse herb-drug interactions known.

The general dosage is 1-6g of the dried herb or 5-15mls tincture 1:5 @ 25%, daily. Since it is particularly bitter it may be preferable to take in capsule form. References 1. Kuhn, M. & Winston, D. Herbal Therapy & Supplements. Lippincott.

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