Question about Herpes Testing? – Herpes

Question about Herpes Testing? - Herpes

Hello, I have been reading through numerous posts on this forum about low positive hsv2. I had to call three Quest lab before I found one that would go the extra step and figure this out. Unfortunately the obgyn was really cavalier about my diagnosis. At our clinic, every person who has an index value between 1.1 and 3.5 is advised to get western blot confirmation. When I got there, the doctor saw me and was a little baffled that I knew I had herpes but wasn’t sure if I was having an outbreak or not. Can it be a false positive? First, I don’t think that most clinicians have any idea about false positives on the ELISA.
Question about Herpes Testing? - Herpes

I have been tested 4 times, with 3 weeks between tests. I am traumatized by the event, unsure how I can have sex again without this happening (this is my first full-on intercourse), and unsure if I have HSV-1 and if so, where. But yes, that is something I can do. Even without treatment, it takes a long time for HIV to progress to AIDS—usually 10 to 12 years. I really hate that I didn’t research IgM testing last year and realize that it really isn’t effective if you are a) symptom free and b) were not recently exposed. She gave me the details of her conversation with her ob/gyn, who told her that she didn’t even think she should be tested, because she has never had any symptoms, but my ex-girlfriend insisted that she do so. She would have had to invent the details of that conversation as well, including the facts that she got tested for an array of other STDs while she was at her ob/gyn.

I’m not too worried about being infected orally. I then had unprotected sex with my husband. Negative IGG test for Herpes 2, but positive for Herpes 1.

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