“Raging Herpes”: Flavor of Love 3, Episode 4

“Raging Herpes”: Flavor of Love 3, Episode 4

Welcome to Neighbuzz! If you have questions about sex, send them to TrèsSugar, and our friend Dr. “Understanding how and when we acquired viruses that currently infect us can give us perspective on future, potential cross-species transmission events that would lead to the introduction of new human viruses,” said the study’s author, Joel O. But 22-year-old Ella Dawson says she loves telling people she has genital herpes. And Pinterest. Carlos’ deadpan delivery of situations so strangely awkward, and at the same time unbelievably relatable, captivated me. Part robot, part animal.

Then someone says something about a herpes bump on her lip. Oh. That being said, you are definitely not “cursed to never be in a sexual relationship again.” There are also lots of people who understand how herpes works and how to have safer sex. Team two targets Shy. “It didn’t make sense, as I’d never had unprotected sex in my life … You arrive home with your purchase sitting next to you on the front seat. How does a stripper know about that stuff?

Can you spot it? The ripping on Hotlanta’s not so bad; baby daddies, her waddle, stripper – and then the Things talk about the “herp” on her lip. Flav was laughing and then he heard “herp” and he’s freaked out because he’s scared of bumps. If someone is going to have a negative reaction, it’ll probably be a lot bigger if you tell them after you have sex with them and it’ll almost definitely be much bigger if they find out by having an outbreak. So then team two goes up to roast Shy. Bee-Ex talks about her 42 teeth and stank breath but everyone else on her team is an embarrassment. Curse the air and your forgetful mind.

They’re better when not fully scripted. Astronomers Have Observed Water Clouds Outside Our Solar SystemOur galaxy is teeming with brown dwarfs – failed stars that fill a gap between planets and stars. Really. Izzle. If you’re going to receive oral sex, you can use a dental dam. Like it’s not obvious that team one took it and that Shy would be the audience’s favorite. Shy and Flav go on their solo date immediately to the aquarium and Flav’s hair is like 4 feet high.
“Raging Herpes”: Flavor of Love 3, Episode 4

I stop paying attention until I hear something about a shark tank – Shy gets in, Flav gets in and then he gets out because a shark rubs up against him. Fair enough. Contact a rescue group. When he offered her breath mints, she didn’t seem phased at all. Maybe she embraces her periodontal disease. If you’re nervous about it, that’ll send a message that this is something to be anxious about. I’m so confused by that 45 seconds of the lingerie and booty pop, new lingerie and booty pop, especially since they end up laying down together.

Did they edit out the actual booty pop for Flav? And how does someone actually do that with cameras around while living with 45 insane women? They talk and Flav is distracted by the herp. To be fair, I think that she’s just got a pimple. Flav is all camera-emphatic about ‘getting to the bottom of this.’ Oh, geeze, how? Next day – group date. I’m so bored.

I expected more of a mess and I am dying for the end to come. Flav takes Bee-Ex along for the group date, which is nice for her because she hadn’t been on one yet. The Things are wearing matching clothes. Do they always do that? How have I not noticed this before? On the date, when they all sit down for lunch, Flav steps away from the table, probably because the producers told him to, and the Things start telling Bee-Ex that she looks familiar, like they’ve seen her in a club and yeah, shut up, no you haven’t. Bee-Ex says something about her cousin bringing her to an award show.

Who cares? After this date, the Things go up to Flav’s room and that stupid hot tub scene that they’ve showed us 93 times since the show premiered finally happens. They tell Flav that Bee-Ex is in the “entertainment circle” but they are speaking in such vague terms and he’s so distracted, they might as well be admitting to their own herpes. Bee-Ex comes in to talk to Flav, she admits to having been on “Fear Factor” and I hate the Things for just talking to talk because it’s all bullsh*t. “Fear Factor” doesn’t count. When it’s down to Hotlanta, Bee-Ex and Grayvee, Flav asks Big Rick for an envelope, which hold the results to Hotlanta’s needle in the herp/pimple. If she’s got a herp, she has to go.

Which is ri-effing-diculous. He has NO idea what disease soup is lurking in anyone else’s pants. Plus, he’s Flavor Flav. Has he looked in the mirror?

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