Ragweed Season Again, Treat your Congestion, Headaches and Sore Throats without Going to the Doctor.

Ragweed Season Again, Treat your Congestion, Headaches and Sore Throats without Going to the Doctor.

I have been getting cold sores since the age of 13, and i always just assumed they were JUST cold sores. For many products there’s not much convincing evidence that they work – but nor is there much evidence they don’t work. It also helps with chest congestion, and takes away any tightness or pressure that I have in my chest. If you are suffering from a cold antibiotics act like a placebo and can actually be harmful. Now around a month later I experienced a severe mucous filled cough (including chest congestion), sore throat, runny nose and sinus congestion but I passed this off as a cold gotten from one of my close friends, or due to my allergies accompanied by the seasons. However, the effect is little better – if at all – than a placebo. It is a miracle worker in both of those departments.

Guaifenesin, a mucolytic can help cure stubborn congestion with little side effects. This lasted a few days (2-3) until I took a 200 mg pill of fluconazole. Side effects of decongestants may include increased blood pressure, sleeplessness, anxiety, and dizziness. It makes it easier to breathe, and gets rid of that tightness in my chest that I have when I’m sick. You are only allowed a certain amount each month. But the textured patches of skin still remain and are not itchy, tingling, or painful. People with narrow-angle glaucoma or an enlarged prostate should avoid using them.

I would say this is more for a sore throat though. Caution should be used giving any drug to children under 12 without a doctors approval. Could the irritation be from the severe scratching and heavy touching/picking in the area? Fight the virus by resting up in the first few days when you’re most affected and most contagious. It makes being sick bearable, and helps me to stop coughing everywhere. You may just need to stay indoors on especially windy and high allergy times of the year such as fall and spring. Often the local weather will alert you to particularly high pollen count days.

Ease nasal congestion and help prevent bacterial infection by flushing your nose with saline nose drops twice a day. This is for people allergic to dust mites that actually live every where including our skin. If possible have the non-allergic family members do these chores!!!! Non-allergy sore throats may be easier to treat and require gargling with warm salt water once or twice and hour. Medicated lozenges aren’t necessary, although menthol or eucalyptus may help your head feel clearer. to 1 tsp. in 1 cup warm water.

Drinking lots of water, especially in the form of hot teas and broths.Fluid can bring tremendous help. You may be able to save money with generic products – look for the pharmacy’s own brand, for example. Another quick cure for sore throat pain is lemon water. Mix equal amounts lemon juice and water. Gargle with the solution several times a day. Warming the mixture may make it more soothing. The decongestants and mucolytics are also good for a cold induced sore throat.
Ragweed Season Again, Treat your Congestion, Headaches and Sore Throats without Going to the Doctor.

Antihistamines for colds are controversial and probably of little help except the stronger sleep inducing ones, benadryl, doxylamine, etc.These will help you get more rest which strengthens your immune system or in laymen’s terms help you fight an illness.The same ingredients are found in drugs such as NyQuil.. My husband swears by 2 NyQuil liguidgels at bedtime or an Aleve and pseudoephedrin in AM. to cure is colds!!! Some people believe strongly in the germ killing qualities of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. Just mix with a little water and gargle at the first sign of a sore throat. You may also need to put more humidity into your home during the long winter months. You can do this by purchasing a humidifier or just keeping some water in you crock pot in the kitchen.

You can add cloves, orange peel and cinnamon sticks for a soothing scent . A steamy shower is very helpful for a quick pick me up. Water in bowls by your heating registers has also been known to increase indoor humidity. Do not run your bathroom fan when showering. Adding humidity also make you more comfortable with less heat in the air and will help you to save on your power bill!!!! Throat lozenges can help. There is some controversy over the effectiveness of zinc although it is often recommended.

Phenol-containing throat spray is a numbing agent and can help sore throats but can be difficult to tolerate with the numbing of the tongue also. Sometimes mild pain killers , like ibuprofen, naproxen, acetaminophen or aspirin may be needed. If you have stomach problems be sure to eat first and drink a full glass of water with your medication. Getting outside and obtaining some sunlight induced vitamin D may help you feel better with a cold. Studies have found colds are NOT caused by being exposed to cold temperatures but rather viruses spread from hand to mouth or in the air through direct exposure to the virus after someone sneezes or coughs. If at anytime you begin to run a high fever (over 100 degrees) or your sore throat becomes severe or lasts for more that a few days and/or you develop a rash, you should seek your doctors advice to avoid the possibility of infection or flu complications. A sore throat can be as small as low humidity but could be the beginning of something more serious such as strep throat.

A serious or lingering cough needs to be checked by a medical professional. Another neat trick is to make up a solution of 1 quart warm water, 1 tsp baking soda and 3 heaping tsp kosher salt. Use in in one nostril with a nasal aspirator or medicine dropper and allow to run out the other nostril. A netti pot will work too. This is also safe on infants. It is very effectvie for sinus pressure. Dr.

Oz has spoken often about this on his program. The idea is to clear congestion and even more significantly to clear your nasal passages of any allergens you may have taken into your nasal cavities during the day from doing normal outdoor activities. Most of my family gets sneezing, runny noses and itchy eyes from allergen exposure but my daughter and I both get sinus pressure. We have a tendency to hold the congestion in our nasal passages (part of our normal genetic makeup) This often leads to so much pressure we begin to suffer from severe headaches especially over the eyes and sinuses. Another MAJOR help for me is a nose spray called nasalcrom. I use it daily during allergy season and often this is all I need. Learn your body’s signals and you will be on your way to finding relief from your sore throat and cold symptoms too.

Some doctors believe using honey from your area of allergy can help to build your immunity against your potential allergens. You can probably find the honey at roadside stores and your local farmers market.

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