Raynaud’s Syndrome

Raynaud's Syndrome

I have compiled a list of diseases that can be successfully treated, cured with the help of homoeopathy. The virus resides in the bottom layer of the epidermis and replicates there. Thanks. The main principles of homeopathy are that like cures like and that potency increases relative to dilution. The main causes of this are poor circulation and  inelasticity/constriction of the blood vessels not allowing them to expand in order to allow greater blood supply to that particular part and thus heat and colour. Hence the view of different homoeopath may differ from the ones expressed here. Viral warts can be confused at times with other skin growths such as skin-tags (benign skin tumor), molluscum contagiosum (growths on the skin which look like white pearls; caused by another group of virus; often observed in children), moles, birth-marks, lichen planus, etc.

Bear in mind that even minor symptoms can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition, and a timely diagnosis by your doctor could save your life. This is also extremely counterintuitive, and the Society of Homeopaths admits that ‘Scientifically it can not yet be explained precisely how homeopathy works.’3 As we shall see, it is far from clear that homeopathy works at all. Also, use the Schuessler Cell Salts. Hence it is recommended that it should never be considered that homoeopathy failed in a certain condition, there still has a chance to get cured with another approach to the case. Homeopathy offers an excellent and promising cure for warts. The New Era Tissue Salts brand does a combination remedy mixture called Combination M designed for circulatory disorders. The BHA website also provides a list of homeopathic dentists and refers patients to the BHDA for further information.

Raynaud's Syndrome
Take Vitamin E which will imrove your circulation and has a natural blood thinning effect. After cure even if the patient is exposed to the triggers he / she do not suffer from migraine. Approximately, within three months or so, one finds positive results. To improve the elasticity of the blood vessel walls. A much more recent publication on the BHA website explains common dental ailments and potential homeopathic remedies.10 Its author states that ‘Homeopathically-trained dentists are much more than drillers, fillers and billers. Also, take Rutin. How will you know if that is a factor in your case ?

Warts are viral in origin. Also if you have easily burst blood capillaries that are visible on the skin. For toothache, he recommends belladonna and pulsatilla. If you have Raynaud’s and you are a smoker, I strongly advise trying to give it up as this is not helping you at all. More on giving up smoking later…… The patients having warts requiring this homeopathic medicines are likely to be flabby, obese, fat in physical structure. Although you will be tempted to place your hands and feet on radiators and heaters to bring them back, do not.

Such suggestions risk harm to people’s oral health and are deeply unethical. If it becomes extremely cold and your fingertips deaden and become white, do not heat them immediately afterwards. Either place them in cold water or do nothing. Typically, Lycopodium individuals are anxious, ambitious, active, motivated, and they look confident. Believe me, it will restore the circulation without the rebounding painful  after-effects. But of course, given that these are homeopathic remedies, these substances will be very dilute. I would recommend constitutional homeopathic treatment to resolve it permanently and prevent it recurring.

But if you are not in a position to see a homeopath or do not feel like pursuing this method and are suffering from chilblains associated with Raynaud’s, try getting hold of the homeopathic remedy Tamus 6c. Strong like for sweets may be observed. And see if that helps. Of course, the fact that dentists are treating patients with ‘substances’ that have none of their original molecules present should be considered along with the fact that, even were there molecules remaining, there is no good evidence that any of these treatments actually work.

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