recurrent genital symptoms but neg HSV2 IGG – STDs

recurrent genital symptoms but neg HSV2 IGG - STDs

Hello – thanks for asking your question. The study population consisted of 140 patients with asymptomatic disease (stage I), 27 patients with symptomatic disease (stage II), and 81 patients with advanced stage of the disease (stage III). After being at the beach for a few hours I noticed this rash starting to appear. During a fight, the current guy accused me of having given him herpes at some point in our relationship. 12/18 5pm cold sore prodrome, took 2g valtrex. When i last shaved, i thought i nicked myself…and really thought nothing of it… They sorta of look like this example of scortal calcinosis: but much milder and smaller and less together.

Itching can be managed by corticosteroid creams,consult your pharmacist about this. tender pimple-like spot, 2 much smaller ones next to it. I requested the herpes blood test to help rule that out (but now it seems that may have been futile as from what i have read – it will not detect antibodies if this is truly a herpes outbreak). 3) The bumps/marks/rash I have don’t open; they don’t puss or burst or bleed. clear fluid only when squeezed. It is possible that areas of foliculitis are more prone to future infections. No one had Kaposi’s sarcoma.
recurrent genital symptoms but neg HSV2 IGG - STDs

fatigue, back + leg pain, malaise, inguinal lymphodenopathy on same side only, lesion waxing/waning (scab kept peeling off after shower), eventually healed w/ valtrex. I also have very mild rosacea which only appears on my eyelids and came and went for about 2 months last year. few days later lesion, base of penis (in hair area), very itchy. doc said prob folliculitis, very fresh culture neg. these weeks a terrible blur, lost 15 lbs, depressed, nauseous, diarrhea, inspecting myself all the time, etc. can’t recall things clearly. feb no symptoms except itching.

03/01 same systemic symptoms but 1st no signs on penis. then after vag sex w/ wife, tiny sore, cleared in 3 days, no valtrex. then cut, cleared in 3 days w/ valtrex. wife has no HSV2 (but results pending) nor extramarital sex. i was a moron and will not do this anymore, have informed my wife about everything. concerned about 12/07/09 exposure. When we get what I assume is folliculitis, it is just bumps in areas where we rubbed, they don’t really cluster and never are on my labia, or his penis, just in the hairs.

what are your thoughts?

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