Stabbing head pain-occipital neuralgia? – Migraine – Headache

Stabbing head pain-occipital neuralgia? - Migraine - Headache

Neuralgia is a painful condition characterized by burning or acute pricking sensation along the course of a sensory nerve. In this way sensory signals can feed back sensations to the central nervous system (CNS) and transmit signals to different parts of the body from the CNS. There are frequently painful points (points douloureux) in the course of the nerve. It has some similarities with Clusterheadache but the attacks are very short lasting from 5 seconds to 4 minutes with a stabbing pain. Most neuralgia is not life-threatening. Years ago, I was hospitalized with stomach bleeding due to having two specialists not taking note of medications each other was prescribing. It is also sometimes called neuropathic pain.

The goal is to prevent surgical treatment. So, where exactly on the top of your head is this pain? From your description, it sounds like it may be closer to the superorbital nerves, located centrally behind the eyebrows. Hyperalgesia, which means feeling more pain than normal from something that does normally cause some pain. We, thereby, present this case as a patient’s pain that has been relieved by the blocking of the obliquus capitis inferior muscle using local anesthetic and steroid under sonographic guidance and a C-arm type television image intensification system. It us used both for arthritis and post-herpetic neuralgia. One good way to tell, however, is to numb the nerves (occipital, temporal, superorbital, or any combination) and see if the pain ceases.

Dr. Here are a few details. During our investigations, a nerve block was performed to reduce the pain, and was repeated, but the results were insufficient. He did not exactly diagnose “occipital neuralgia”…sorry for the incorrect info. I just arrived at what it “might” be. There is less recovery time needed and patients are not required to have sutures because the point of entry for the procedure is only the diameter of a pencil. My pain Is DIRECTLY ON TOP OF MY HEAD, maybe 1-1/2 inches to the left side.

Just anterior to the center of my skull. It is not near the neck, No neck pain, no watery eyes, no blocked nose. from post: “From your description, it sounds like it may be closer to the superorbital nerves, located centrally behind the eyebrows. This may result in numbness in the area where the pain used to be. So, it is INTENSE pain that is just anterior of center, to the left side maybe 1-1/2 inches. The sensation is like a “stabbing” pain I guess, can’t get a better word for how “sharp” it is. When it hits I have to stop everything .

It lasts 2-7 seconds I think. Teeth appear normal, however. Sometimes a trigger point is present on the side of the throat. I may have to go back and see if he can refer me to a neurologist perhaps. My Doctor did offer a nerve block as a remedy. I don’t know if I like the idea of blocking nerves…Thanks for any advice. Peripheral nerve stimulation was introduced into clinical practice in the 1960s and was developed in parallel with spinal cord stimulation.

As far as nerve blocks go, you’ll only feel the numbness for about an hour, though the relief (if any) can last weeks. It’s nothing permanent. I’ll look into the other details of your condition, but seeing a neuro is a good idea. Successive recurrences are incapacitating and the dread of provoking an attack may make sufferers unable to engage in normal daily activities. with UC in 1984 thats when his migranes started, now 33 and disabled due to this constant migraine 24/7 for the last 8 years. I wonder if there is a connection with the stomach or intestinal track to migraines. I read so much from this sight it gets confusing at times and I’m not on topamax.but I agree topamax has all these side effects like feeling stupid and a lost for words which makes it hard to talk with dr’s because they think your just abusing drugs.

3. we were coming out of walmart and there was a man collecting for drug abuse for teenagers, my son stoped to give a donation and my husband said to him you abuse enough drugs on your own. Spine (Phila Pa 1976) 1995; 20: S1–73. thanks to everyone for these stories I only hope the pain that you feel will just go away and never return,bless all of you and don’t give up!!!!! I have the same pain on the top of my head but to the right. I can produce the headache by pressing on the spot. Natsis et al, 2006).

The anti-convulsant drug carbamazepine (Tegretol) is often an effective treatment for TN, relieving or reducing the pain within a day or two. The cause is due to an artery that has narrowed. I found your site because I’m also suffering from the same painful intermittent stabbing on the right side of my head. I have a friend who is an acupuncturist but living in another state. I gave her a call, described my symptoms and she told me to use accupressure by massaging and pressing on the spot between my eyebrows, also putting some pressure in the areas of my temples on both sides AND another spot would be the meaty area between my big toes and the one next to it. I told her I was at work but she stated I could just kick off my shoes and rub in between the two toes with the heal of my other foot. I tried this and it seems to have worked.

I don’t know how long it will last but that was easy enough to handle and I can now work without the pain…..what the heck? Give it a try and good luck! I am glad I have found this website. From time to time over several years, I have had a pain in the top of the right side of my head..not a headache, but like someone is stabbing me with an ice pick. Treatment of FM can be difficult. Other headache conditions are treated with the usual preventative migraine medications protocols. Because the same pain would come again and again.

For others, managing phantom pain can be challenging. You and your doctor can work together to treat phantom pain effectively with medication or other therapies. Clinicians can quantify the mechanical sensitivity of the tactile stimulus using Von Frey hairs or Semmes- Weinstein monofilaments. Because the dural covering of the posterior cranial fossa is innervated by CN V1, patients with an acute occipital lobe infarction may experience pain in and around the ipsilateral eye. That started first. One problem with QST is that abnormalities may be observed in non- neuralgia pains, often making it inconclusive in diagnosis. Guess I need to make another appt.

BUt first I am calling my massage therapist and have a deep tissue massage on my back and neck. I have often wondered if it was an artery in my head. A middle age woman experienced an automobile accident, and thereafter developed severe headaches with pain behind her right ear, nose bleeds, and loss of smell and taste. Did you ever find out the source of the intense pain on the top of your head/brain? It describes exactly what dropped me to my knees last night and I am very worried and curious as to what it may be. It was not a headache!! I just came across this post, and I was wondering if anyone had anymore insight onto these types of headaches?

I’ve been having the same ‘stabbing’ ones for the past 5 months, but mine are a little bit more differant and move around my head, and I get them atleast 5 to 6 times a day. They hurt REALLY bad and will end up making me cry sometimes. My doctor is having me take topamax now, and being a 15 year old taking that isn’t much fun when people at school are like ‘ha you can’t talk right’. And I’ve had MRI’s and stuff like that… Anyway, if anyone knew anything about this type of headache that would be great… My Mum has had MIgraine for as long as I can remember. She has had lots of problems with other things over the last few years including asthma and heart problems.

Just recently she has noticed that she gets severe stabbing pains on one side of her head which is just above the ear. She tells me its very intense. I told her that I get the same problem if I go out into the cold etc. It became so bad that her doctor sent her for a scan and they told her that its like a type of athritis in the head. I have searched hi and low and cant find any such thing. Ive looked at this forum and have seen very similar things in all that you all say. I was just wondering if anyone thinks her doc is right in saying its arthritis.

He has given her a specal anti inflam… which is used in people with arthritis and she says it seems to work but she has also found that she is getting terrible migraine too, almost like she did when she was younger. Does anyone have any idea what Im going on about ????? !!!!! For two years now I have had quick, sharp stabbing pains on the left side of my head, in the back just above the ear. They are twinges of pain, over almost as I register them. I have tried eliminating things from my diet and stress causers; caffeine, red wine, dairy….I even moved.

They have become more frequent, up to 20 a day. I have seen a Neurologist and had an MRI done that showed nothing unusual. A massage therapist found a very tight muscle, trigger point at the base of my skull but on the right side. When she moved my head while pushing there I had a spasm. I am hoping that once she loosens this muscle up I will stop having them. I do not get many head aches and have never had a migraine. I am a 46 year old female.
Stabbing head pain-occipital neuralgia? - Migraine - Headache

I have always been very active & very healthy. 4 years ago I got a terrible headache on the left side of my head. I had never had many headaches (except with pregnancy). After more than a week of not being able to get rid of it, I went to the doctor. I got a shot of demerol that killed the headache for about 4 hours until the demerol wore off. Science 1967;155:108–109. Then I got a prescription for lortab.

Same story, I could get rid of the headache until the drugs wore off. 4 months later, I still had the “headache”, which by then I had come to classify as “headpain” not a general headache. It must be constantly reinforced to the sufferer of TN that treatment options do exist. I had multiple cat scans, MRI’s, and every battery of tests imaginable. Over the course of the next month, I was hospitalized 5 more times trying to get rid of this left sided head pain. I was put under the care of a neurologist during the first hospital stay. Non Medication Treatment 1.

At the end of that year, I still couldn’t get rid of the pain for more than a few hours. Capsulectomy and debridement for primary osteoarthritis of the elbow through a medial trans-flexor approach. The topomax made me feel that I Couldn’t give safe care. After all of these drugs, I didn’t even know who I was anymore and I still had this headpain. I saw more doctors than I can count. Regarding oxcarbazepine (Trileptal), although it is not FDA approved for this indication, it behaves similarly to carbamazepine. I have an inoperable “angioma” located near the speech center.

It was on the very first cat scan and all of the MRI’s yet it was never mentioned to me. I saw at least 5 neurologist. Initially all of them told me the MRIs were “normal” and I was just having a prolonged “migraine”. Basically the “angioma” is almost like a cluster of varicose veins. After 3 years had gone by and I still had the same “headache”, I stopped seeing all of the neurologist and stopped all of the drugs. I found a doctor that specializes in pain treatment. Now I take 30 mg of Methadone daily.

For breakthrough pain I take 20mg of Norco. While I hate having to take this type of drugs, I do have a life once again. My pain is so severe when I do have an episode, but for the most part– I can now get them under control. Frequently patients can “cure” their CTS with wearing a brace. A newer, novel approach to treatment of painful neuropathy is to use a patch called Lidoderm. Other times I can have this left sided headpain for a few weeks. BUT, that is better than having it for over a year.

Lately, I have started having this “stabbing” pain on the left side that is very quick, very scary and in the same place as my angioma pain. Any suggestions on what to do about that? MOH has also been termed rebound headache, drug-induced headache, or medication misuse-headache. Tonight I have had about 15 episodes. Followed by an out of control “migraine”. This is the weirdest thing I have ever known. I forgot to mention that Dr.

Michel Furter operates his clinic out of Nyon, Switzerland, near Geneva although his method is practiced not just by many doctors in other European countries but in places as far away as Australia. To “digger” – I’ve had the exact same headaches and am glad to find someone else in the world who described it just like I do. No one else I know has ever heard of it. It feels like an ice pick in your head in one spot that can be anywhere on my head. They occur once or twice a year and usually only last a couple of days. Ibuprofen (4 or 5) usually take care of it for at least six hours but if it comes back I take another dose until the symptoms are gone. I’ve just had one that lasted four days and seemed more intense this time and yes, the spot on my scalp is sore to the touch.

It’s as though the muscles in the scalp are contracting really hard in one spot but really don’t know if that’s happening. It also feels like an inflamed nerve or something too. I also had tearing in one eye the first couple of mornings but not the entire time. I’d love to know what is happening and if something triggers it. An odd thing about this one is that it began as a slight soreness on the left side of my throat and I thought I may be getting a sore throat but then the pain went up into my head, just to the left of the very top for the first two days and then it was on the side of my head for two days. It’s a sharp intense pain that lasts for a second or two and then subsides. It causes me to wince and even cry.

It will come and go every 15 seconds to a minute, sometimes even closer together. It causes me to get very irritable. If I can catch it soon with Ibuprofen I can avoid the most intense pain. I’m 57 years old and have had these of and on since my twenties. Let me know if you’ve gotten any answers. I have had the same symptoms, but my doctor has told me something completely different. Sharp, stabbing pain on the side of my head, that radiates to the back of my head and face.

Feels painful to the touch as well. My doctor told me it it was the “cold sore virus” around my inner ear that affects the nerves in that area. she prescribed Valtrex. This treatment gets rid of the symptoms in about 24 hours. I used to have cold sores a couple of times a year. I haven’t had one in years, but have had this stabbing head pain a few times a year. I suppose it could be something as simple as the herpes virus that causes me this excruciating pain.

My boyfriend had a cold sore 2 weeks ago, and I experienced severe stabbing head pain yesterday. Coincidence?? For the last four days I had the stabbing pain headache about 20 times a day located about my left ear. This morning it moved over the above the right ear. I became very dizzy for about 30 minutes, was nauseated with emesis, and couldn’t stand. Within an hour and a half the stabbing pain and dizziness left but I have had a generalized headache all over for 8 hours. These stabbing headaches have never progressed to this point.

I have checked out occipital and trigeminal – but the locations are not similar to mine. Any help? For the past 5 days I have had the same experience. My pain is a searing pain in the back of my head (almost like someone is sticking a needle in my head) that last a few seconds. I massage the area, which is tender and is getting more tender after each episode. I have been seeing a neurologist. This for me has been going on for about 3 maybe four years.

Stabbing like a needle or wasp sting never has brought me to my knees but enough to say what the heck was that? i have had the pains up 30 times in a day for like 2 months straight. that is why i had and MRI and MRA done. Fortunately, they came back normal. So as to what causes my pain I am at a loss for answers. My neurologist suggests that there are many types of primary headaches and not all of them follow the same exact way. He said to me there not always answers or cause for headaches or head pain.

J Urol 2011; 185: 2162–70. not getting nearly as many, but I suffer from pain in and around and in my eyes. What do you do when no answers are available? Is what I ask.. I am very frustrated but remain calm knowing there is no underlying cause. So…yeah I tried indomethacin and the next day I got a real migraine on the left side of my head which is not normal for me. I never have gotten migraines.

Just these, “Idiopathic stabbing headaches.” Clearly this is somthing should specialist need to research more. I don’t know what this is but the neuro says it is provoked by stress and anxiety. The pains change from time to time sometime it is a dull ache in the spot where the stab is, other times the pain jumps around on both sides of my head. Recently, i noticed on my CPU desktop the white icons on a black background seem to split and have like a ghosted effect, went to the ophthalmologist, nothing wrong with my eyes. so i just don’t know. i have been posting my problems on other similar threads so if you catch one any suggestion might help i just don’t know what to do anymore…meds dont help. I am on colnazepam to kill he anxiety and it helps with only that.

I dunno im getting depressed. Hi, I’ve been having similar symptoms, i’m scared with no diagnosis. Myasthenia gravis is a serious neurological condition and autoimmune disease characterized by muscle weakness that can affect vision, swallowing, breathing and general activities. almost like an attack of some kind, went to ER they did a catscan and was negative for stroke hemmorage or any sinus or infections, i feel i’m slowing being attacked by a desease that could be controled if i could just know what it was, please can anyone help?

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