Still afraid! New Swollen lymph nodes!

Still afraid! New Swollen lymph nodes!

I’ve not had any symptoms for herpes of any time that I’m aware. Her current boyfriend developed a sore about 2 weeks ago and therefore she got tested and was positive. Results are as follows: Collected: 4/23/2013 9:01:00 AM Test Description Result Range Units HSV 2 IgG, Type Spec163153 4.4 0.00-0.90 index Negative 0.91 Equivocal 0.91 – 1.09 Positive 1.09 . My HSV1 igG results came back at a 12.80 High and my HSV2 igG results came back 1. A negative test result indicates that the herpes simplex virus was not isolated but does not definitely rule out the presence of virus. And ive gone on line about it. Says that only pregnant women,transplant patient and HiV are those person who has CMV.

I had my test done last week and my result came back equivocal. It gets me more afraid and scared every day right now! Im kind of do i have Hiv? Its freaking me out. Depression is striking again. Hi there, Well, i guess that all your symptoms are due to a CMV infection and not hiv. That’s great news if you think about it, because CMV is a pretty harmless virus.

Almost. Most healthy people just pass the infection and the antibodies remain forever. So, you can start forgetting about hiv… I dont understand this phrase “Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality, especially in organ transplant recipients and individuals with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).” can u please help me with this? CMV is caused by HiV/Aids? Therefore, testing when there is little or no risk often causes more harm than good, exactly as in your case. All testing was performed according to the manufacturers’ specifications.

He said he is negative. He go tested 5days ago. But i doubt it. Coz i still suffer and worried and scared in my symptoms. No, CMV is not caused by hiv, it’s a different virus like EBV that causes mono. Anyone could get a virus, there are many different ones. The difference is that a healthy person has an inmune system that fights the virus and gets rid of it.

Still afraid! New Swollen lymph nodes!
But people with aids have very weak inmune systems, that is why CMV could be potentially mortal for them. The same happens for people with organ trasplants, they receive meds to neutralize inmune system to prevent rejection of the organ they receive. Anyway, that’s not your case, you don’t have aids nor organ trasplant, so your body can fight the CMV and pass the infection with no repercution for your health. Stop worrying please, stress is your worst enemy at this point. Im kind of freaked out sorry. Coz im going to get tested again for 6weeks. And afraid for the result.

Task Force: Screen All Teens, Adults at Risk for Syphilis. Have to wait 2weeks more. Thanks for the explanation coz my right now is tangled and soo worried. Coz i am happy 2days ago from receiving -ve result and depression hits me again. -HeP C Antibodies -Herpes Simplex Virus 1 -Herpes Simplex Virus 2 -HIV Antibody ( non reactive @4weeks) -RPR (non reactive) -Urine chlamydia gonorrhoeae DNA Probe -CMV IgG (i think reactive 9.1) -CMV IgM -Lyme Titer -Miscellaneous send out test. Thats all the test i did last Jul 13th and the the only result i have right mow are those with parenthesis. I only asked HIV test but he asked me to do these test too.

Hsv-1 is found in @90% of Americans. Does not mean that HIV is next. Cmv is also as common. Does it make you more suciptibale to HIV? Yes, having other stds does make you more prone to contract HIV. Hsv could have been passed to you from someone with a cold sore and is the most likely way that you got it and probably have had it since you were a kid like most people. (this assumes you don’t have the genital kind) Nothing short of an HIV positive test result equates to HIV.

Nothing. Not symptoms not having every other std, not swollen anything, not a single damn thing except an HIV positive test result equals HIV. Results came back with herpes-1 IgG 5.5 and Herpes-2 IgG 15.9. Even when they do find other things wrong including what is in your list. So freak out all you want, but if your having symptoms then your producing antibodies and enough of them to show on a test. HIV in and of itself doesn’t cause symptoms your immune system does. It produces the same set of symptoms for HIV as it would for any virus.

Being you have two viruses wouldn’t it stand to reason that your symptoms are the result of the immune response to those in the face of a HIV negative test? stop googling symptoms already! they are unreliable when it comes to HIV and only bring about more stress and worry, which just amplifies symptoms. a negative test result at 4 weeks is very promising. relax and take it easy. this doesn’t change your 4 week negative. having other viruses doesn’t mean HIV is inevitable.

HIV is actually very difficult to contract, statistics-wise. like i said, just relax. the risk happened. nothing you can do about it now except hope for the best.

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