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Fibromyalgia may be linked to the presence of the herpes simplex virus (HSV), according to a study conducted by Dr. Although IQ does not appear to be affected, cognitive impairment (problems with thinking, memory and attention) has been documented by psychometric testing in both CFS and FMS patients. The symptoms of schizophrenia generally can be controlled with treatment and, in more than 50 percent of individuals given access to continuous schizophrenia treatment and rehabilitation over many years, recovery is often possible. This phenomenon is your body’s way of warning you that you need to sleep. But a fibromyalgia diagnosis doesn’t lead to a cure. {}Dr. We had of course unlimited time to examine these people and began to make breath taking discoveries, many which were based on previous discoveries which I have been reporting for the last 20 years.

One thing I don’t notice here is comments by people with both H.I.V. He developed this theory while treating the gastrointestinal issues of fibromyalgia patients in his growing surgical practice in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Research Likewise, a treatment called Lipid Replacement Therapy, Research is said to be effective as well. In addition, fever can be accompanied by night sweats, and there can be swelling in the spleen and liver, and extreme fatigue. I don’t really know anything in-depth about HSV-1. Epstein-Barr is responsible for mystery illnesses of every category: For some people, it creates fatigue and pain that go unnamed. Pridgen’s pathway to fibromyalgia was through the gut.

It is composed of many “TRIGGER” points (TrP’s) which Do refer pain in very precise specific documented patterns. polyDNA recommends that individuals concerned about Fibromyalgia and who are infected with HSV-1, take Gene-Eden-VIR or Novirin. When these hormones are not secreted properly, the many symptoms associated with fibromyalgia begin to appear. Instead an elevated SED rate would tend to point toward a diagnosis other than fibromyalgia. However, there is abundant scientific evidence that CFS is a real biologic illness, not a psychiatric condition. The American College of Rheumatology has established diagnostic criteria that include pain on both sides of the body, both above and below the waist, as well as in an axial distribution (cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine, or anterior chest). Additionally, point tenderness must be found in at least 11 of 18 specified sites.

It’s always there. As with Van Elzakkers’ vagus nerve infection theory for ME/CFS, Pridgen’s theory begins with a nerve loving virus that takes up residence – for life – in nerves in the sensory ganglia found across the body. Instead of HHV6 or EBV Pridgen believes herpes simplex viruses, are the key in FM/ME/CFS. Except that she had wheat sometimes. 6. This reduced response might explain why fibromyalgia patients are likely to have depression, and are less responsive to opioid painkillers. Fatigue in CFS is worse than just normal fatigue and can be so severe that is prevents a person from doing anything.

Eating one bite of a “Forbidden Food” as listed in the book can trigger an autoimmune flare that will last for weeks. What we can do of course with bacterial infections is reduce the presence of the organisms to almost zero while simultaneously addressing the underlying cause, the dysfunctional immune system. Louis Encephalitis. After several minutes of consideration, we came to the conclusion that the tonsils were constantly becoming inflamed, fighting off a mild infection in the mouth. It can be sexually transmitted, can cause problems to newborns, and can cause hepatitis. Another study found significantly lower levels of DHEA-S, another adrenal hormone, in fibromyalgia patients compared to healthy individuals (8). Every person that had fibromyalgia was sulfur deficient.

Yes, inflammation contributes to pain, BUT WHY DO YOU HAVE INFLAMMATION? My specialist suggested a strict, three-times-a-day exercise regime of walking, swimming or cycling. I will, however, explain that every case of fibromyalgia has diskal degeneration throughout their entire spine! Specifically, the stressed-out herpesvirus-infected mice weren’t able to mount normal cytokine and cytotoxic T-cell responses, their  immune cells were not able to penetrate the infected areas, and their herpes simplex went up. They market a product called DAOsin in Europe and they sell micropellets to a few American companies that produce their own DAO supplements. This has no visible changes apparent in the CAT scan, the MRI, and the myelogram studies done with contrast media but is neurologically active! It is this lesion that most chiropractors are unknowingly trying to correct!

What do researchers know about dystonia? This was known to me in 1982 when I pioneered the use of the CAT scan in the study of diskal lesions in the New York area hospitals and private radiological facilities. Fibromyalgia Symptoms Relieved with Natural Ingredients (press release) 7/27/2006 – Fibromyalgia sufferers can now find fibromyalgia symptom relief with Fibro-Balance, a natural supplement that uses organic ingredients to help the body balance the nutrition required for healing. As a potential “pre-screen” to see if a patient should be checked for a coagulation issue, the authors have noticed that when testing a facilitated muscle (i.e. It is reported to work as “well as fusion” and claims 80% of patients have “reduced pain and greater mobility”. Most rheumatologist refuse to treat their rheumatoid arthritis patients with antibiotics even though all five controlled prospective studies conducted to date show that minocycline drops the rheumatoid factor towards zero and helps to alleviate the pain and destruction of cartilage of rheumatoid arthritis. The heat not only kills the nerves but tightens (cauterizes?) the surrounding ligaments.

Toxins and additives cause stress on the body and can contribute to fibromyalgia flare-up of symptoms. A common example of this occurs following a motor vehicle accident where a particular body part, such as the neck, was injured. 129 Epigenetics basically says that things in the environment (everything else except the genetics) can turn genes on or off (“expression” means “on”), or increase or decrease their activity (“upregulation or downregulation”). You can see now that the accuracy of “central sensitization” is a valid observation even though the good doctors are limited by their state-of-the-art diagnostic ability. Those few who practice as I do are way beyond that barrier. I had been using the test kit Silver Amalgam which is made from homeopathic nosodes in a graduated series since my studies with Voll in the early eighties. Mercury poisoning ( stored in nerve plexuses and fatty tissues) not in the bowel! :: Fibromyalgia—Den of Demons
When I began to test the fibromyalgia patients I was amazed to find that everyone of them was positive! Most of the really bad cases showed in the lower dilutions (D5, D6, D10, etc.) which is the most severe. People with this condition are oversensitive to external stimulation and are preoccupied with the sensation of pain. A cold, distant and unfeeling mother was called “schizophrenigenic” because it was believed that such a mother could, through inadequate care, cause the symptoms of schizophrenia. I suspect that other of the heavy metals are involved and will be testing for them in the future. Right now the all time winner is mercury which if not removed by the liver is deposited in the NERVE and FATTY TISSUES. The reason for irritated nerves continues to grow.

Not all cases were from the fillings, but most. We see study subjects four times over 18 months and measure everything under the sun (well, mostly immune and endocrine measures). They found that there was no relationship. As at the moment, when we got the infection, if the over active immune system theory is true, we really did not HAVE much of an immune system at the time. Actually short of punching holes all over the patient the mercury will not show in blood levels, in hair analysis, or in urine and stool. It has to be mobilized for all laboratory tests. This is Epstein-Barr’s number one cofactor.

This is usually the Epstein-Barr virus. May wake up “full” of pain and feel “more tired” than on going to bed. While the scientific community argues about the confusing results of their laboratory tests I am able to find it with great clarity and accuracy as to its exact degree in the body using our Quantum Testing. We have confirmed it many times with laboratory tests but have left them far, far behind. This virus has recently been associated with breast cancer[6] . In rare cases it is not the EBV but is Coxackie , Cytomegalovirus, or other. One friend said alevee gave her a lillte help.

I have found walking alittle everyday helps even if for only 20 minutes there are so many different opinions and i educated myself from site for fibromyalgia and tried some of the reccommendations. The only side effects I’m currently having are that I’m so nauseous almost all the time now, and the fatigue has gotten even worse… if you can imagine such a thing. This is one of the conditions that is reported as medically incurable ( EBV ) but has been conquered by natural means for many years. To fully understand the treatments given it is best to restate the findings in these cases, many which are complications or associated conditions found progressively in other conditions (including the demons). Protein (amino acids) deficiency resulting in enzyme deficiencies. Multiple spinal disk degeneration. But because there is no clear method (such as laboratory or imaging tests) to diagnose the condition, as many as three out of every four people with fibromyalgia remain undiagnosed.

A. These fatty acids are essential because the body is unable to make them from other fats and because they play a fundamental role in several physiological functions. Lack of proper neurotransmitters and hormones insulin, thyroid, serotonin, glutathione, DHEA, and sex hormones from improper amino acid metabolism. Lymph slowdown. Sinus infections, viral/bacterial/ yeast/fungal. For more information on the HHV-6 Foundation, visit or call 805-969-1174. According to Dr.

Mercury (or other heavy metal) poisoning. Sulfur deficiency. Altered body mechanics (crooked posture) Vitamin – mineral deficiencies. Essential Fatty Acids deficiency. Antioxidant deficiency. Subluxation This is present in every person with Cat. 1 Distortions and every diskal lesion.

The Treatment In treating any body problem of whatever magnitude the goal is to supply the deficiencies. What causes heat exhaustion? Therefore in this condition extra vitamin C (ascorbic acid crystalline) minimum 3000mg. along with an enzyme C-complex, Enzyme Formulations (containing all known factors) one with each 1000 C is always added! The protein and sulfur problem is addressed with our US and World patent pending Platinum Plus (PAAP) Nothing that we have seen exceeds the spinal disk rebuilding and detoxifying ability of this nutrient. It is in my opinion and all of the doctors who have the ability to monitor the removal of mercury from their patients – the treatment of choice at six per day. When they can’t find a cause, they should say that they don’t have the foggiest idea why the person has intestinal ulcers.

The dysbiosis, lack of HCL, are normalized and the digestive enzymes are replenished re-arming the “Enzyme Cascade” from the pancreas to the individual cells. Since this will be a patented product there will be nothing else that accomplishes these multiple functions. The Vitamin-mineral used is Bio Multi Plus from Biotics Laboratories which has no fillers and has proved to be a reliable source of Iodine, B-complex, Chromium, Selenium, and Vitamin A. Remember how long it was supposed to take to map the human genome? Chiropractic and Osteopathy have had special treatments that were intimately connected with the body. They also had the heaviest burdens because to contribute to the patient’s lasting health and maintain it they had to explain more than any other profession why these events (distortions, subluxations, and the phsiology and pathology) were occurring! The cry is always for more research.

The research is already accomplished! Medicine did not always bother with finding the true cause but is very adept at remedies that cover up symptoms. In the treatment of fibromyalgia it is largely NSAIDS. Some studies have reported that up to 80% of CFS patients have allergies to food, pollen, metals (such as nickel or mercury) or other substances, although other studies have found no greater incidence of allergies in CFS patients than in the general population. Like virtually all other medications, antipsychotic agents have side effects. This route is growing steadily and is a source of great satisfaction. My entire life has more than adequately prepared me for it.

While I would readily accept help in submitting these facts and findings to scientific channels, as yet no research director seems interested but perhaps when the doctors that we have taught have seasoned a champion will appear. There is a great gulf between doctors like myself and the orthodox practitioner with whom I cannot really converse. I illustrate it thusly: The gulf is thirty feet wide and the chiropractor is a ten foot jumper. Who among you is ready to become a forty foot jumper?

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