This poor baby.

This poor baby.

Yesterday The Week listed their “top 7 parenting controversies” of 2010. “Oh he’s so adorable — I just want to take a bite out of him and cover him in kisses”, she said. “I knew I wasn’t ­suppose to have skin to skin ­contact during a flare up. The Herpes Simplex Virus is a virus that many people in the population carry. This baby has to live with this for the rest of her life. How awful, im the same my 2 year old will give you her forehead for a kiss. I showered him in kisses every day.

I get that in some families, kissing children on the mouths is normal. Your bf mom can be perfectly safe around your baby most of the time and just be extra conscious when she has a sore. A nip or scratch on the nose or lip can be painful, and sometimes require stitches. Just like a mother who puts her child at risk and never goes to the doctor for prenatal care, just as stupid. Does it make sense now? It’s horrible but why would anyone HSV1 positive kiss another person’s baby on the lips? children?

But rather than kissing him on his mouth, or even elsewhere on his face, why not gently give him a kiss on the top of his head if you absolutely must? Just don’t let others dare kiss your baby! Put yourself in her shoes – how would you want to be approached and what you want said to you? the stats on that is alarming. Anyhoo, my mom gets nasty cold sores but about 2 years ago I got Manuka Honey about 2 hours after she felt the tingles and itches. I’d die for them and I protect them with the ferocity of a lioness. the skin didn’t break down around it…never had a chance.

completely gone in two days, no blister. another time, a close friend had one that she did try abreva and lysine…. it was huge, greenish and growing. I got a cup and dumped some in there for her to take home and use, and in 3 days it was a little dot. Can be used for genital herpes as well. Kids today do so much typing and texting these days that the good ol’ pen-and-paper is often pushed by the wayside. I have it.
This poor baby.

I had no clue until I had my blood work done this pregnancy. I opted to test for everything possible. turns out I’m part of the majority who has it. I can only ever recall having 2 coldsores my entire life, and even then I’m not sure they were coldsores because I really just thought they were nasty pimples at the time. I kept a vigilant eye on Ole-John though. That really is not so bad. I mean it sucks and all but the person who kissed her baby may not even be the one that gave the baby the herpes.

Babies mouth anything.. This baby is not in a life or death situation. It’s scary and all buy its not going to ruin her life. Kr:  I read about this specific article after seeing it on here because I wanted more information so I could better discuss it. In fact, if you have oral herpes (HSV-1), more likely than not you got it when a well-meaning relative kissed you on the lips as a baby or child. Kr:  If they didn’t catch it when they did, she had a good chance of dying. Don’t know if you’ve read the news articles about it or not.

I’m guessing not based on your comment. Do you allow your children to share drinks, food, chapstick, or any toy that goes near the mouth? Do you wash your hands and your child’s hands 100% of the time before you or they touch their face? When the twins came to see Ole-John, they were only allowed to wave through a window in case they passed on any infections. Even if you/your SO/your child never have symptoms you can still have it. Honestly, it’s not a big deal unless you make it in to one. The majority of the US has some form of herpes.

Ever had chickenpox or shingles? Congrats, you have herpes in your nervous system. It never goes away and it can pop out any time it wants. A recent study (published this past August) demonstrates that 15% of girls show signs of puberty by age seven. it can be really dangerous for young babies. You think this is bad, there have been baby boys that have died from herpes related infection after their ultra orthodox jewish circumcision where the person performing the procedure then does oral auction on the infants penis to stop the bleeding and also has an active herpes infection. Everyone needs to keep there herpes to themselves.

We should also stop sucking on baby boy penis’s in the nemof religion.

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