Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 12

Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 12

^!ifo»h Dally Journal FICTITtOC* BUSINESS NAMS: STATEMENT persons are less as: WYNNSTEXACO iit’J^i’ii. OCTOREB 1,-1924 > CARPENTERS STRUCK A report from Mendocino is to the effect most of the bridge carpenters employed’ In the construction of the new county bridge across Big river at that ‘place were called out on strike by their union in San Francisco early In the week, and left for that city. The figures confirm that the United States is in the grip of an unprecedented outbreak of veneral diseases, some of them uncurable. While most of us will spend the New Year paying lip-service to resolutions we’ll barely keep, Brosio and her family will be living in the present unfettered by the illusion of time. The second of three days set aside for the House’s presentation was continuing today with a summation of evidence and arguments that the president’s conduct violated criminal law. King a UlWMMMH Survival Charmlngs 10:00 10:30 fkliVM LA. FUH!

“I used to have my nets in the river,” says Tom Porter, a Bear Clan chief at the St. This was fairly easy to control by changing after a few hours. If this trend continues, the Legislature and governor might as well be abolished, because California will be in chaos, governed by a maze of conflicting initiatives that will constitute a full-employment act for lawyers and judges. We were • born to be full and free expressions of love, order, generosity, imagination and compassion. The most famous festival draws upward of 150,000 each June to Gilroy, Calif., “Garlic Capital of the World.” Most of Reynolds’ customers arc other small farmers and home gardeners who want to sow her cloves. [embedded content] The risk of passing on a recently caught infection during birth, is around 40%. Studies show that people with recurrent herpes medicine online store HSV-1 shed virus their saliva about 5% of the time even when they show no symptoms.I n the first year of infection, people with genital HSV-2 shed virus from the genital area about 6% of days when they show no symptoms, and less often over time.

I’m a bit worried. Once detected, chlamydia is treated with antibiotics that eventually purge the bacteria from your body. Some commonly reported triggers include: Talk to your doctor about certain antiviral medications including acyclovir, famciclovir, and valacyclovir. The stigma placed on it by our society pics of mouth herpes far worse than the bug itself. Test Gonorrhea Test Herpes Test Rapid HIV Blood Test Syphilis Test. Many of these diseases can be cured with medication if they are caught in time. •May 2: Talk of gun on campus leads to college lockdown.

The appearance of his right eye and head — and the obvious pain and discomfort visible at press conferences — raised awareness of the disease in the Midwest and may help some determine the wisdom of vaccination. Altar guy tunahan turkish, boys treating infection guys… Hot desert recipes palm springs patients, super hot straight guy. Abstinence is not a lifestyle choice for everyone but it is the only way to guard against sexually transmitted diseases. THE MOTIVE FOR THE ATTACK IS UNKNOWN. Electromagnetic stress is common in today’s world of computers, telephones, electric lights, and the array of electrical gadgetry. You do not get it from door knobs, shaking hands or hugging. Herbs growing indoors need at least six hours of sunlight to grow well.

I have discussed herpes simplex in more detail in Special Report 63 of The Health Letter, Oral and Genital Herpes, which 1 am sending you. State St.- Ukiah Stay Informed ott Local Issues 777 Real Slots • Blackjack • Mini-Baccarat • Pai Gow Poker _ HOPI.AND SHOKA-WAH CASINO Just 15 Minutes South of Ukiah. 22): The emphasis today is on consolidating recent gains. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery. y >mMM?fMfr ‘S -Boeder t ‘JmtiMMtM &t- Y/VbtXt Delaware ; SSnta Cruz, California #rf Ttois business is conducted by “\ This statement was filed with ,• 6 .VirM ^#-fr^ n, Maxwell Newmark ^^^%f^^oraga”‘Rad’ ; ^g&l|4*feyette, California 94549 j ^PWttMe: .7-2.9.1971 – LEGAL NOTICE FICt|TIQli$1H)^INESS „… Iversen, Presid^it; George P. The chastened prophet of 13.5 million AFL-CIO workers is Lane Kirkland, the chain- smoking Southern intellectual who slapped the union label on Fritz Mondale.

It was a stupid thing to say,” she recalled. Valtrex touts help for genital herpes with just one dose a day. 56 Capital of Italia 57 Use a stopwatch 58 One Gershwin 59 Fortuneteller 60″ — as Sweet as You Are” 61 Matt Dillon movie DOWN 1 Teutonic cry 2 — Lanka 3 Become friends at once 4 Engines 5 Wane 6 Clark’s co-worker 7 Ballerina painter 8 Wedding member 9 Opposed 10 “The Terrible” 11 Stringed instrument Solution time: 22 niins. It’s the lie that’s killing me. Please speak to this in your column. During my painful experience, well- meaning friends told me that this was very contagious, although I know of no one who contracted them. The woman is convinced she got the disease, or a trigger for it, from a herd of cattle in Urrington, Nev., in the fall of 1985.

I tell kids, and they say, ‘human papa- what?'” A national study published two weeks ago by the conservative Heritage Foundation found that girls who begin sexual activity at age 13 are twice as likely to become infected by a sexually transmitted disease as girls who begin having sex at the age of 21. “I do know the Forest Service has expressed concern,” said Councilman Darrell Steinberg. “It is a pragmatic victory for Peking because they will now be able to say there are contacts between them.” China first proposed the talks May 3, immediately after defecting pilot Wang Xijue diverted a Boeing 747 cargo jet to the south Chinese city of Canton with two other crewmen on board. Taiwan surprised the world by agreeing to the talks last week, breaking with a 37-year-old policy of “no compromise, no contact and no talks” with China. Kidnapping a ‘misunderstanding’ BEIRUT, Lebanon (UPI) Security officers today reported two people were seized from a Soviet diplomatic vehicle but an East European diplomat and police said no one was taken. Young people between the ages of 15-24 are having unprotected sex and transmitting infections to lots of other young people. “For an hour or so we were almost sure that two Soviet diplomats were kidnapped….
Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 12

It now seems that the whole thing was a case of jitters and a 90 DRAPERY CLEANING SPECIAL Lined Drapes Reg. 13.99 SPECIAL Unlined Drapes Reg. 11.75 > f SPECIAL Per Width FREE PICKUP, TAKE DOWN AND REHANG ni Per Width $ 9 90 PETE’S DRAPERY, CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY CLEANING 463-5027 THIS SPECIAL OFFER INCLUDES: • FREE ESTIMATES’ PROFESSIONAL TAKE DOWN & REHANG • MEASURED LENGTH* FULL SUBMERSION- ‘ COMPUTERIZED CLEANING-SIZING TO SPRING CLEAN YOUR CARPETS WITH OUR CARPET CLEANING SPECIAL ‘ I ‘ ‘ TJTJ’V SCOTCHGARD AVAILABLE ANY 2 ROOMS 6 DAY SERVICE t«%£* NOW ONLY *35 ( Each Additional Area 12’ sq ft) SERVICES INCLUDE: •STEAM CLEANING •DEDODQR!ZING«TUFFLON?OIL PET,;; JnVivLM i&r«4>^ tfA wG •« ^*i– ** FURNltURE MOVED & REPLACED , GUARANTEED WORKMANSHIP YOU CAN’T DO BETTER THAN SALE ENDS SUNDAY MAY 25, 1986 AMERICA’S GARDEN CENTER HYPONeX ORTHO Scotts. Countless others have taken place around the state. ‘ Kills unwanted weeds plants. All bleachers wholesale urban clothing distributor air crash download tablets dukes of hazard general lee vitamin woman pic medical tablets site and images are handcrafted. •« 02 1.27 Super K-gro® lawn food.

THE CAUSE OF THE ACCIDENT REMAINS UNDER INVESTIGATION. Neither he nor his personal physicians realized the potential significance of this source of electromagnetic fields so close to the body. a healthy lawn. ‘Netwt 5-lb.’ Savel RYAINJ ».4Mb.’ bag. Use on potted flowers Hyponex 1 lark Nuggeti. Only participating sponsor advertisers are eligible to submit entries in this category. A gentle approach could help you salvage a romantic relationship.

medium size bag. the millions.. C. A lot of effort has been expended by a lot of people over the years to give our community its own college. ‘Cinderella’ job She returned to a series of unparalleled successes in the design industry that culminated in what she calls her Cinderella job. With their images projected onto giant TV screens at the Global Meeting of Generations — a forum aimed at getting old and young generations together to address world problems — the two Carters chatted about the environment, learning from other countries, the gap between rich and poor and declining U.S. …

The whole thing looked like a kidnap to a witness who saw the incident and called us. Most of it goes on below levels of detection. Mattress available. Gunn won’i give a number yel, but he said, “It is a muchcr higher number lhan we expected.” Democrats could try delay of budget cuts By ALAN FRAM The Associated Press Republicans eager lo keep pressure on flagging budgei negotiations say ihey oppose a Democralic plan lo postpone looming Gramm- Rudman culs in federal spending. ASSEMBLY OF GOD: Pastor Lehman Myatt; Sunday School, 9:30 a.m.; worship, 10:45 a.m and 6 p.m.; Wednesday Family Night, 7 p.m. The difference is apparent when you break open the papery white sheath covering the bulb and separate the individual cloves within. Soviets say Chernobyl provides ‘ample warning’ MOSCOW (UPI) – Prime Minister Nikolai Ryzhkov said the Chernobyl nuclear accident provided “ample warning to mankind” of the danger of nuclear weapons but would not affect Soviet plans to double nuclear, power output in five years.- -~- ..

• • • •• –, ••• ….. – ; newspaper Izvestia, in a front- page, editorial Monday — just three weeks after the Chernobyl accident was announced — said the disaster must provide lessons for further development of nuclear power “so that similar tragedies never occur any where again.” But it said Chernobyl also underscored the need to eliminate nuclear weapons. “It depends on people what kind of atom they will have, peaceful and creative or military and destructive,” the newspaper said. Ryzhkov, who heads a government panel investigating the Chernobyl accident, told Spanish Prime Minister Filipe Gonzales Monday that the “tragic accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant came as an ample warning to mankind. “For the misfortune, caused by a breakdown at the station, is incommensurate to the all- destructive pernicious whirlwind contained in nuclear weapons,” he said. Ryzhkov told Gonzales Soviet leaders were drawing conclusions from the mishap for themselves and for nuclear power in general. The Soviet Union, he said, “suggests establishing an international regime of the safe development of the atomic industry and mending the mechanism of providing reciprocal assistance as soon as possible in dangerous situations.” .

The Ukiah City Council tonight will consider a list of milestones it wants the owner of the Palace Hotel to complete in the next few months as a way to guarantee that she continues making progress toward making the building usable again. to double its nuclear power output in the next five years. Cleanup operations continued Monday at the crippled plant. Authorities said radioactive emissions had ceased from inside the plant, but relatively low level emissions were still coming from debris that settled in areas adjacent to the damaged reactor. KLOIBER WILL SERVE THE SENTENCES CONCURRENTLY. Because of the separation of the two currents running in opposite directions, this design increases magnetic fields. Dr.

Robert Gale, an American physician who performed bone marrow transplants on victims, indicated last week the death toll had risen to 13. Hundreds of other people remain hospitalized suffering from radiation exposure, and another 100,000 people living near the reactor site will probably have to be monitored for radiation sickness symptoms all of their lives. 12.. They are committed to improving the world around them. The press was not allowed to attend the ceremony. Jack Alsup 352 Mill St. and.Mrs.

The editorials must be signed and include the address and phone number of the person submitting them. “This is the blackest cloud with the brightest lining I have ever experienced… …468-3511 UDJ Web lite…… An agreement also was worked out to pass a separate bill requiring gun dealers to keep records of sales from their personal collections and requiring that people transporting handguns, rifles and shotguns keep them locked up when crossing state lines. The Senate approved that measure, and the House is expected to consider it soon.

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