Urine Therapy and Herpes Testimonial So far at Urine Therapy Debate Forum, topic 2152215

Urine Therapy and Herpes Testimonial So far at Urine Therapy Debate Forum, topic 2152215

NEWS FLASH: There is no reason to create a burden and suffering out of herpes. Сер. I was tested while pregnant and tested negative, but also know that it may pop up at any time. What can I do to prevent spreading it to someone who is STD free? Anyone else have anything similar? 🙂 I also did follow up with a blood test which came positive. Have you (or someone you know) positively come out the other side of a herpes experience?

Do you have herpes or HPV? I have read a lot in Christiane Northrup’s book Woman’s Bodies Woman’s Wisdom about herpes and she has some great insights. As I’ve always noticed a fast direct link to severity of OB to sugar. Around Jan 30th I got the symptoms and took the dose. However it didn’t get better even after the three days. So I started Urine Therapy after coming across some testimonials on this forum. (I was familiar with UT, but still grossed out by it.) I started drinking midstream about 1/8th to 1/4 cup every morning.

In many cases your immune system takes care of it and they wont cause you or anyone else any harm. I didn’t have any problems drinking it, it wasn’t very salty as I expected. I was already on a good herpes friendly diet and have been vegetarian most my life already so maybe that’s why it wasn’t so bad when I compared it to eating flesh. Anyhow, I started taking it and it got way way worse. I got scared. I hadn’t read the posts carefully enough where some testimonies share the fact that it may get a little worse before it gets better. Well, I didn’t know what to attribute the worseness that was occurring to.
Urine Therapy and Herpes Testimonial So far at Urine Therapy Debate Forum, topic 2152215

I didn’t think much of the UT because I figured if it went in once before and I put it back in it shouldn’t cause that much havoc. So I started getting bumps in places that I never did like near the vagina area and the opposite vaginal lip instead. And my back was sore and painful. Because I had to still do my job I figured I’d give my body some help by taking the medicine again. Well took the medicine again for 3 days while still doing UT. I know your not supposed to do UT with meds but I was like I need all the help I can get. I did notice that the bumps didn’t blister up as usual and didn’t spread like linear rather were singular in different spots which was unusual.

It seemed to heal faster. It definitely healed faster than the OB that started before I started UT and was just on the medicine. Given the healing per episode was faster it seemed like it took forever since another one somewhere else would appear. I did notice that my lymph nodes were swollen for a very long time and very very sore even when no bumps were present. The outbreak areas had went a way maybe 3 days before and finally lymph node swelling and soreness went away as of February 3rd. The longest running outbreak I’ve had since the first year or possibly ever. So sorry I cannot give you a definite yes of whether it helped or not.

But my gut tells me it made it worse so that I could get better. I feel the outbreak areas healed faster. I’m writing this as to help anyone. When I was searching I wanted more detail. I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to tell us about his/her experience. I’ll try to give an update, but if I don’t come back and give one feel free to notify me and request an update. Also as a side note on Feb 2nd my dad gave me tulsi tea and I had triphala which I feel seemed to help the soreness.

I’m still doing UT, but don’t know if it’s making a difference in my body or not yet. I do know that it was after some prayer that I came across this forum. I also made sure to speak only victory over my body aloud and thank god for my restoration even if I felt bad. That helped too. Good luck and happy healing!

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