Valtrex delay development of antibodies after recent exposure? – STDs

Valtrex delay development of antibodies after recent exposure? - STDs

I do not recommend you take it if you do not have an outbreak, the reason being it is hard on your kidneys. Your doctor is just being very careful that the baby doesn’t catch anything in the delivery process. Shingles (herpes zoster) is caused by reactivation of the virus that causes chickenpox (varicella-zoster). Note that Valtrex is broken down into acyclovir in the body. Several people have reported that taking Lysine helps reduce outbreaks. Herpes symptoms cannot come and go within hours or a day or two; and anti-herpes drugs like valacyclovir do not improve pain so quickly, in any dose. AskDocWeb: Although menstrual problems are listed as one of possible side effects of Valtrex there are other possible causes.
Valtrex delay development of antibodies after recent exposure? - STDs

My doc has prescribed Valtrex 500 mg. But is it really as great as they make it out to be? It does nothing until you contract HSV. Your partner’s HSV blood test results don’t mean much at this point. It is true that anti-herpes drugs can delay antibody development, but even without treatment with valacyclovir, 30 days is often too soon for antibodies to appear. AskDocWeb: While we can’t give you a number we can tell you that between 50 and 80 percent of American adults have HSV-1 and about 25 percent have HSV-2. Allergic responses also happen with antibiotics, chemotherapy agents, aspirin, insulin, interferons and other drugs.

AskDocWeb: Valtrex doesn’t affect the eyes or vision but the herpes virus can cause a couple of different eye problems; chorioretinitis, swelling of the eye, and keratitis, inflammation of the cornea of the eye. Valtrex is a treatment, not a cure. This is something for him and you to discuss with the urologist. According to the Merck manual, “resistant HSV is rare and occurs almost exclusively in immunocompromised patients.” In the unlikely event that your HSV becomes resistant there is another drug, Foscarnet, that may be an effective replacement. It doesn’t work to prevent herpes when taken after exposure, and it’s always best to wait for a definite diagnosis rather than treating symptoms without knowing the cause for sure.

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