Valtrex vs. Famvir – Herpes Message Board

Valtrex vs. Famvir - Herpes Message Board

I have these white spots on my lips from past OB and they dont seem to be going away.Are there any treatments I could use to restore my normal lip color again? You should check out some pictures online of hemmerhoids if you can find them. You currently have 0 posts. He was honest, and understanding of my concerns, and also happens to be the greatest guy I’ve ever met. I started feeling like i was getting a uti/yeast infection and took medication to treat both. A single search on yahoo groups can yield over 400 herpes message boards and groups to be found. So just let me check – [CENSORED] porn, and, especially, ‘this forum’s a bit sh!t’ is perfectly acceptable, but a light-hearted post about an advert for herpes, WHICH IS ADVERTISED ON THE BLOODY FORUM REGULARLY is ok?

Valtrex vs. Famvir - Herpes Message Board
I have seemed to drift from one college town to the next, I ask myself why? (She considers the PML still to be a greater ‘risk’ even though I am JC virus negative). SRS/GRS and any other surgeries associated with transition (such as hair transplant surgery) are considered elective surgeries. check with your doctor for yourself and others….the contagious period lasts as long as you have herpes zoster blisters, they can infect anyone who makes contact with you……depending on where the blisters are, you may have some serious pain, as well as not feel right wearing a bathing suit. But with absolutely no prior sensation or forewarning whatsoever! Needless to say, I started my relentless information search for the condition and any and all suggestions. Which leads me to the Topic question: Which of Valtrex vs.

Famvir is better? And why? I basically wanted hear personal accounts of which has worked better or worse for you guys? Obviously we are all different and what may benefit some greatly may not do diddly for others. But also, being the ‘Natural Medicine/Supplement’ person I am, I seriously wonder the exact effects and future effects of these 2 perscriptions for this HUGE epidemic?! Which raises many more questions for me than answers? With all the years and continued growth and spreading of this ‘lifelong’ virus, why only 2 drugs of this type?

And how are we to know that it does not promote worse outbreaks, symptoms, or dependent use in the future after initial use? This guy sounds like a complete jerk. since this just happened and hopefully get some indication as to when this was first introduced to my system. Any and all responses are welcomed and appreciated as I am a strong believer that, “Knowledge is Power.” —————— Love is the most powerful emotion & expression in existence, without it we would not exist……

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