What a White Tongue and Other Tongue Troubles Are Really Saying | Brush Your Tongue Jefferson Ave

What a White Tongue and Other Tongue Troubles Are Really Saying | Brush Your Tongue Jefferson Ave

White blotches on tongue always point to a certain pathology. Some of the causes include certain drugs, chemicals and infectious diseases such as herpes or thrush. Cure: Be sure to brush your tongue twice daily for two weeks. Why should you brush your tongue, you may wonder? The reason is to ensure that a coated tongue is not an oral hygiene problem. If you continue to have a white tongue, it may be an overgrowth of candida, which is also called yeast or oral thrush. Generally, both the color and nature of blotches are highly variable, up to the condition of “black hairy tongue”.

A range of causes Mouth ulcers can be caused by a wide range of factors including: Accidental biting of the cheek. A vitamin deficiency can be corrected with supplements and scarlet fever can be treated with antibiotics. Cause: This may appear frightening at first, but it’s really no cause for concern. It typically occurs when cells on the tongue grow faster than they’re shed. It’s associated with improper oral hygiene, antibiotic use, a yeast infection, cancer therapy, and diabetes. It should not be removed on one’s own, instead it is required to consult an otolaryngologist in order to work out a scheme for the treatment of the underlying disease. Irritation from strong antiseptics, such as a mouthwash.

What a White Tongue and Other Tongue Troubles Are Really Saying | Brush Your Tongue Jefferson Ave
The Cure: You probably won’t need treatment if it isn’t painful. However, have your doctor monitor your case because you may have a higher risk of developing oral cancer. If the condition is painful, you may be given medication. The Cause: Geographic tongue gets its name from red and white spots on the tongue that look like a geographic map. It can be either exclusively local or involve general antiviral drugs, as well as medication, stimulating the immune system. A range of other infections including hand-foot-mouth syndrome. The Cause: Taste buds on the back of the tongue are bumpier than those near the front, so expect small bumps in those areas.

Eating hot, spicy foods can often irritate them and make them appear larger. Besides these bumps, you may notice others due to canker sores or herpes. Cure: Bumps caused by canker sores or herpes will go away on their own, but you can hasten healing by soothing canker sores with an over-the-counter ointment, gargling with baking soda mixed in water, and avoiding acidic foods. Certain precancerous and malignant diseases can be accompanied by the appearance of white blotches on tongue. This has led some researchers to suggest that aphthous ulcers may be caused by an immune system reaction, since the immune system is affected by stress and hormones. Yet ridges may also indicate a fissured tongue, which is a long crack down the center of the tongue. Cure: Sleep-induced ridges go away on their own, but a fissured tongue is a lifelong genetic issue.

If you have a fissured tongue, food may get trapped in the tongue’s indentions and lead to dental decay. This is why you should brush your tongue when brushing your teeth to remove any trapped food and debris that could cause dental issues. Since the tongue is considered to be one of the organs of the digestive system, it is no wonder that intestinal diseases are irremissibly reflected on it. Cold sores inside the mouth tend to be very numerous and spread around the gums, tongue, throat and inside of the cheeks. At Advanced Dental Care of Florida, we provide most dental services, from basic preventative care and general dentistry to specialized procedures and complete dental reconstruction. We accept most dental insurance plans and offer affordable financial solutions for any budget. Patient satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to provide the exceptional, affordable dental care and personal touch that lead to lasting relationships.

A smiling patient is our greatest reward and we look forward to keeping those smiles healthy, beautiful, and bright. Thus, observing distinct white fur on tongue or appearance of other atypical elements, one should immediately consult a doctor, since, besides wrong approach to oral hygiene, they can be provoked by threatening general diseases, which should be diagnosed and treated on the earliest stages.

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