Why you Don’t Want Herpes

Why you Don't Want Herpes

I just discovered this forum today, and I was going to start my own question/discussion thread, but after spending the last half hour reading all the posts in this thread, this seems like the perfect place to get the answers I hope to get. I don’t even want to give him a nickname because he means so much to me. That’s stupid but actually it was my first day and not everybody else’s. HSV-2 is one of the herpes viruses, a group of viruses that cause a wide variety of diseases (Banikowski, S 1999). I feel like I’m standing in a pile of quicksand and the only way out is through a minefield – no right or wrong answers – but every step I take in either direction could have dire consequences. But whatever. I rushed downstairs not wanting my mom to embarrass me further and slid into his car.

Why you Don't Want Herpes
The virus may be present in the body without producing signs of illness. I found it interesting to read so many comments from people on this board who view themselves as “damaged goods.” Even in the absence of STD’s, I have had that same view of myself as a result of my entire childhood being cloaked in the daily trauma of severe verbal, physical and sexual abuse. But seriously.. An hour later it was dark and I was bored. The pimple rapidly becomes a blister, which then develops into an open, painful sore called an ulcer. They have done wonders for me already via hundreds of hours of phone calls in terms of how I view myself and my body and my sexual identity. Before our second date I decided I needed to tell him about herpes.

There was around 9 people – most of which I didn’t recognise. Sores may recur up to several times a year. She says he takes a daily dose of acyclovir and has not had an outbreak since his initial infection, and she says she takes it (or something similar, I think) only when the symptoms start to show up and has controlled it that way. I have never been so nervous to be turned down by this wonderful man. We were still kissing and when I tried to pull away the girl swiftly grabbed my head and pulled me closer asking for entrance to my mouth. Doctors usually diagnose genital herpes by recognizing symptoms of the disease. When she first told me, I went on a major emotional roller coaster ride.

(It sucks to have and I don’t ever want to feel that someone is with me because they are afraid to be single and with herpes) If he ever has questions, he can ask them with no judgement and I will answer honestly. Shaking my head, I answered my phone too distracted to even check the caller ID. People may reduce the risk of infection with genital herpes by using condoms or other protective measures during sexual activity.

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