Yeast Infection??Herpes??… (Cuts on Vagina)

Yeast Infection??Herpes??... (Cuts on Vagina)

In the past few days, I have developed several canker sore looking ulcers on my labia majora, in a somewhat pattern as they go straight down and are all seperate. It hurt a lot and silly me didnt try to even put anything on it since I didnt know what to actually put around that area. Descriptive statistics and logistic regression were used to compare the prevalence of each morbidity between cut and uncut women adjusting for possible confounders. Oral sex can cause injury to the penis. I had never had this before and blamed it on chafing. She gave me cream to help the cuts and sent me on my way, she only tested for chamydia, it was neg. The symptoms seemed to clear up and I had sex with my partner again on Wednesday, probably too soon after the treatment.

But I’ve now, upon closer inspection, noticed other tiny cuts around the opening. What’s the risk of infection from one case of unprotected sex? I don’t know what it is and it scares me. I’ve currently been with my boyfriend for a little over a year and he has been my only partner ever. I didnt know what was wrong. I went to the doc and had STD testing. BMC Public Health 13, 1120 (2013).

Yeast Infection??Herpes??... (Cuts on Vagina)
All tests were negative. I had been going to the doc for 3 months trying to figure out what was wrong. I was nerve wrecked! My doc even prescribed me Antibiotics in hopes that it would stop the problem. But it didnt. And then when my husband and I gave it a try, I was pain free and no cuts! (I had also shaved the nite before).

They are ever so slightly cratered but really the sores look shallow and abrasive. I experienced the same irritating and burning sensation as I had once before. I checked myself out in the mirror and discovered that I had three cuts. 1 on my perineum (area between vagina opening and anus) and the other 2 on both surrounding sides on my lower labia major (outter lips). I also noticed blood spots on the toilet tissue. Again i didnt panic. Genital herpes can be spread during both the active and inactive cycles, even when being treated.

Immediately after looking at my cuts she told me that it looked like Herpes. It sounds like either a contact allergic reaction, some form of dermatitis, or even perhaps a lichenoid condition. She did some type of Viral Culture. She told me that the results would be back in by Wednesday (which is 2 days away). Other clothing may be washed in the laundry soap of your choice. Im really nervous about the results. Ive kinda come to terms with having herpes and im not freakin out as much as I thought i would.

I hope that her guess was wrong and that my results come back NEGATIVE. Herpes is not something that I am ready to deal with. Ill post results as soon as i get them!

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