Zovirax Generic Acyclovir for herpes treatment

Zovirax Generic Acyclovir for herpes treatment

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The herpes simplex virus usually enters the body through a break in the skin around or inside the mouth. Zovirax Generic Acyclovir for herpes treatment needs to start as quick as possible, once the symptoms start arriving. HPV or the Human papillomavirus is extremely much crucial for most of the sexually transmitted illness (STI) in the world. Herpes are very contagious infection. If you are infected with it, you may infect others also even if you are taking a treatment for it. If you use it less often than you should it may not work as well and your skin problem may not improve. You should also avoid touching the area infected.

Wash hands frequently for preventing the infection from passing to others. You should avoid Zovirax Generic Acyclovir for herpes treatment if you are having some kind of allergies with acyclovir. Worry and depression, poor general health, lack of sleep and an unhealthy diet may reduce your resistance to infection. Also, if have any kidney issues, you should not take this drug. Zovirax does not cause any harm during pregnancy. Inform your physician if you are planning a baby, before starting the treatment. Herpes viruses may pass on from an infected Mother to the baby at the time of his birth.

If you are having Genital- Herpes, then it’s important to curb herpes at the time of pregnancy. Acyclovir finds its way torrents- milk and may even cause harm to the Nursing infant. Thus, don’t take Zovirax without informing your physician. Go for Zovirax Generic Acyclovir for herpes treatment as and when prescribed by your doctor. Avoid taking it in large amounts. Follow all the directions as given by the doctor. Treatment with this drug should start as soon as the symptoms start occurring.
Zovirax Generic Acyclovir for herpes treatment

The symptoms include tingling, blisters, burning, etc. Every dose should be taken with one glass of warm water. Drink as much water as you can while taking this drug. This will help your kidneys to work properly. Zovirax may be taken along with food or without it. If you take Zovirax along with food, you are less likely to decrease problems related to stomach. Shake well the oral liquids well before the dosage is measured.

In order to be sure about the right dosage, first measure liquid with the measuring Spoon or cup. In case you do not have the dose measuring device, ask the pharmacist for it but do not take the medicine with the regular tablespoon. Take the medication for the time prescribed by the doctor. The area affected by herpes need to be kept very clean and also dry. You should wear loose clothes which may help in the prevention of irritation. Store this drug at Room temperature far away from the heat and moisture. You can take the missed dosage as and when you remember it.

If it’s time for the next dosage, skip the one missed. But try to take the dosage regularly. Also, do not take extra medication for making up for the missed dose. Contact your doctor if you have taken an overdose of the medicine. The overdose may make some symptoms to occur like convulsions, hallucinations, urinating less or more than usual, etc. Before you start taking Zovirax, inform your physician about the probenecid you are taking. In case you are taking doses of probenecid, use of probenecid may not be possible.

You might also need to adjust the doses of the drug or may have to get special tests done. Short-Term (temporary) Administration-frequent affects reported at the time of various trials of the treatment of the genital herpes at the clinic with Zovirax 200 mg taken orally five times every four hours for ten days, were vomiting, nausea, etc. Long-Term (permanent) Administration-the frequent affects which were reported during the clinical trials for prevention of the recurrences, with regular administration of 400 mg 2 times daily for a year in five hundred and eighty six patients who were treated by Zovirax were nausea, diarrhea, etc. The five hundred and eighty nine patients who were being controlled and being given intermittent dosage of Zovirax for a year suffered from nausea, diarrhea, and headache. The frequent affects which were reported at the time of three trials done at the clinic during the treatment with 800 mg of Zovirax for curing herpes zoster, five times every day for seven to ten days in three hundred and twenty three patients, was malaise. Observed During the Clinical Practice: Along with the adverse events usually reported during the clinical trials, the following incidents have been also identified during the post-approval usage of the ZOVIRAX (acyclovir). Because those are reported from a particular population of not-known size, estimation of the frequency can’t be made.

All these incidents have been deliberately chosen for the inclusion due to either of the seriousness, frequency of reporting, potential connection to the ZOVIRAX, or a combination of all these factors. General effects include Anaphylaxis, fever, angioedema, headache, pain, nervous and aggressive change in behavior, ataxia, coma, agitation, confusion, reduced consciousness, dizziness, delirium, dysarthria, hallucinations, encephalopathy, paresthesia, psychosis, somnolence, seizure, tremors.

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